Mode of action

APC natural feed additive blends consist of a specific mixture of clay minerals, herbs, essential oils and a small portion of trace elements. These ingredients pass through a physical process and therefore, there are big effects with a small mixing ratio (0.2 %)!

APC natural feed additive blends result in the animals having a better and bigger surface of the intestinal mucosa. This leads to a significantly better absorption of nutrients.

This effect has a focus on absorption of proteins and minerals whereby these nutrients can be significantly reduced in the formulas.

A big part of the expense in animal production results from feed costs. Because of this better absorption with APC natural feed additive blends, significant economies can be made.

Mechanisms of action of APC natural feed additive blends

A great number of researches on the effects of clay minerals have been done and published worldwide, but especially in Europe.

Professor Dr. Halama from Vienna e.g. for example gave a lot of lectures in Austria and abroad and showed the effects of clay minerals in animal feeding which were discovered in experiments and studies.

These were the following:

• increased surface of the mucous membranes in the rumen and the small intestine

• better utilisation of all nutrients and higher intake of dry matter

• more performance

• binding of free nitrogen in the animals body

• binding of myco toxins in the animals body

• increased ions transfer

• effect of inorganic ballast

The required using of clay minerals was found and described with a mixing ratio of 3-5 % in the ready mixed feed in order to reach these effects.

With such high mixing ratios, the density of energy in the ready mixed feed  would however decrease so much that the using and the associated advantages would become simply impossible!


Careful seletion of raw materials

APC is using carefully selected clay minerals in her products and selects them according to their synergy effects.

This leads to a high and selective binding of ammonium and a binding of heavy metals!

By that, the ammonium in the intestine, which is resulting from the breakdown of protein and the not used amino acids, is bind and must not be detoxified by the liver!

So, this form of nitrogen is not subject to the body’s necessary detoxification any more and the animals’ liver is thereby significantly unloaded.

This ammonium is not released again after excretion of the body so that a later formation of ammonia in the stables is prevented!

Additionally, due to the large surface of more than 500 m² per gram which these materials have and to their grid structures, these materials have a bioactive surface which is able to bind endo toxins and myco toxins and therefore results in “cleaning effects” of the digestive tract.

Enlarged surface of ruminant and intestinal mucosa

Furthermore, specific herbs and essential oils are used in the APC products by using a special technical procedure.

The sum of all used materials and the processing leads to a significant enhancement and thereby enlargement of the surface of the ruminant and intestinal mucosa and by that a significantly improved use of nutrients.

APC natural feed concepts for a healthier intestinal mucosa!

Small intestinal mucosa without APC

  • partly damaged intestinal mucosa
  • deficient absorption of nutrients

Small intestinal mucosa with APC

  • healthy intestinal mucosa with enlarged surface
  • higer absorption of nutrients