APC TopLac 50 g

Top dressing for 
cows in the high lactation


  • improves mucous membranes form the rumen and intestine
  • by that improved absorption of protein and minerals
  • 5- 8% enhanced dry matter intake =     increased raw feed intake
                                                                  increased crude fibre intake
                                                                  ability to fulfil the requirements
                                                                  of the rumen in the time of
                                                                  high lacation
  • high acid buffer capacity      


  • by higher dry matter intake fulfil better the demand of all nutrients for the cow in the time of high lactation
    fewer metabolic disorders
  • increased persistence and fertility
  • more lactations per cow


50 g per dairy cow/day
on the top of the whole ration fot the first 100 - 150 day of lactation    



30 kg-bags

APC TopLac 50g cost/dairy cow/day        0,26 €/day
Minus 20 days intercalving period           + 0,4125 €/day
Minus 0,5 inseminations                          + 0,062 €/day
Plus 0,2 lactations/dairy cow                   + 0,832 €/day
* referring to a dairy herd, 22 kg dry matter intake/day
 10.500 l lactation performance/dairy cow/year

APC TopLac 50 g Reference:                

Farm: Silly Joshi, Bicserd, Süd- Ungarn
Ø lactation performance 2007:    10.500 l/year
Size of herd: 650 dairy cows

Result of APC TopLac 50g application:
6-7% increased dry matter intake in the high perfoming lot!