APC feed concepts … for your pigs

• Reduced acid buffer capacity of the feed - enhanced intestinal health

• Quick births and less disposition for MMA

• More refractoriness with regard to infections

• Good health status

• Less sickness problems with the respiratory tract    

APC feed concepts … for the farmer …

• High and constant weaning weights

• Safe heat of the sow in time after weaning

• Better feed conversion by a better nutrient absorption

• Best condition of the sows

• Less mortality - more profit

• Less expenses for medication

APC feed concepts … for nature and invironment …

• Up to 50% less ammonia in the air in the stables

• Less nitrogen and phosphorus in the excrements

• Higher content of dry matter in the liquid manure

• Up to 20% less liquid manure

• Up to 40% less emission of ammonia and harmful gases