Agrar Produktion und Consulting GembH., abbreviated as APC, is an Austrian company that is engaged in animal feeding in a very innovative way. Through its employees, APC has almost forty years of experience.

At the beginning of the 1980ies, the press loudly criticised, like quite often before, that keeping of farm animals would strongly charge the groundwater with phosphorus and nitrogen and charge the atmosphere with ammonia.
They said that unnecessarily much phosphorus was used in animal feeding and a team of scientists calculated that, only from the animal production of former West Germany, 1.2 million tons of ammonia got into the atmosphere.

Today, the environment issue, regarding emission of harmful gases and use of nitrogen and phosphorus in farm fertilizers, is more up to date than ever.
With today’s consumption, the rock phosphates will last for another 100 years. This fact and the new laws and directives on reduction of nitrogen emissions for new construction of livestock houses attach more and more importance to this issue.

This was the thought-provoking impulse for the current APC natural feed additive blends.
The use of our feed additive blends allows reducing the content of proteins and phosphorus in the mixed feed for monogastrics by up to 25%.
The consequence is a lower consumption of phosphorus and protein in our mixed feed which normally comes from soy shred for pig feed and poultry feed. Soy can and will soon run short due to the EU’s restrictive GMO policy.
In APC formulas, soy shred is replaced by crop, what leads to large economies in transport and is therefore extremely positive from an ecological point of view.

So, the output, i.e. the content of nitrogen and phosphorus in farm fertilizer of monogastrics (pig, poultry) is essentially reduced.
Additionally, the relevant harmful gases and ammonia are reduced by up to 50%.

As a location for offices and administration, we first rented some rooms in the town of Gleisdorf. After a significant increase in turnover and enlargement of the sales area, an office building was built in Ludersdorf near Gleisdorf in 1999.

APS produces its natural feed additive blends, premixed feed, mineral feed and complementary feed in a work-sharing partnership with the company Schöllerbacher, ERES Tierernährung [animal feeding]. ERES Schöllerbacher is specialised in the production of active substances and has long lasting experiences in this technical field.

So, APC clearly positioned in the sector with development and production of innovative and future-oriented products and thereby laid the foundation for a successful future.
Due to experience, effort and motivation of the employees and to the strongly increasing actuality of our products, APC is steadily growing and we sustain our position on the international market of feed producers.