Mode of action

APC natural feed additive blends consist of a specific mixture of clay minerals, herbs, essential oils and a small portion of trace elements. These ingredients pass through a physical process and therefore, there are big effects with a small mixing ratio (0.2 %)!

APC natural feed additive blends result in the animals having a better and bigger surface of the intestinal mucosa. This leads to a significantly better absorption of nutrients.

This effect has a focus on absorption of proteins and minerals whereby these nutrients can be significantly reduced in the formulas.

A big part of the expense in animal production results from feed costs. Because of this better absorption with APC natural feed additive blends, significant economies can be made.

Mechanisms of action of APC natural feed additive blends

Numerous studies on the effect of clay minerals were made and published worldwide, but especially in Europe.

Professor Dr. Halama from Vienna e.g. gave numerous lectures at home and abroad and showed the effects of clay minerals in animal feeding which were discovered in experiments and studies.
These were the following:

• Enhanced nutrient conversion and feed conversion

• Higher biological performances

• Nitrogen fixation in the animal body

• Toxin fixation in the animal body

• Increased transfer of ions

• An effect of inorganic fibres

The required use of clay minerals was described with a mixing ratio of 3-5 % in the mixed feed in order to reach this effect.

With such high mixing ratios, the energy density in mixed feed formulas would however decrease to such an extent that the use and the associated advantages would become simply impossible.

Careful selection of raw material

APC uses carefully selected clay minerals in their products and selects them according to their synergetic effect.

This leads to a high and selective fixation of ammonium and a fixation of heavy metals!

The excessive ammonium resulting from protein breakdown in the digestive tract can thereby partly be fixed. So, this form of nitrogen is not subject to the body’s necessary detoxification function any more and the animals’ liver is thereby significantly unloaded.

This ammonium is not released again after excretion of the used materials so that a later formation of ammonia in the livestock houses is impeded!

Additionally, due to the large surface of more than 500 m² per gram immanent in them and to their grid structures, these materials have a bioactive surface which shows overall detoxifying effects and therefore results in a “cleansing” of the digestive tract.

Enlarged surface of the intestinal mucosa

Furthermore, specific herbs and essential oils are mixed into the APC products by using a special procedure; the sum of all used materials involves a significant enhancement and thereby enlargement of the surface of the intestinal mucosa and therewith a significantly enhanced use of nutrients.

APC natural feed concepts for a healthier intestinal mucosa!

Small intestinal mucosa without APC

  • partly damaged intestinal mucosa
  • deficient absorption of nutrients

Small intestinal mucosa with APC

  • healthy intestinal mucosa with enlarged surface
  • higher absorption of nutriens

Especially calcium, phosphorus and protein are significantly better used and can thereby be reduced in the formulas for monogastrics, differently strong according to the species.

By this reduction, the acid buffer capacity is strongly reduced in the rations; a favourable environment for the development of lactobacteria is generated which involves a significant reproduction of these.

The result is an enhanced immunity of the animals!

Acid buffer capacity of some raw materials

With APC natural feed additive blends, we obtain a reduction of the acid buffer capacity of 15%-35% in the formula and thereby a significantly healthier intestine!


Unloading of the liver and of the environment

The reduction of soy shred (and therewith reduced nitrogen input) in the formulas has an unloading effect for the liver, additionally to the reduction of acid buffer capacity and fixation of ammonium which again leads to better performance and health.

Secondly, the reduced input of protein significantly supports unloading of the environment.

So, it is possible to reduce the emission of harmful gases and the amount of ammonia in the air in livestock houses by up to 50%!

Ammonia (NH3)

A colourless gas of characteristic, pungent odour.
Even in small concentrations, ammonia is a strong cytotoxin and respiratory poison.

Even from an ammonia content of 15ppm, clinical symptoms such as chesty cough and reddened mucous membranes (conjunctiva, nose) are observed. The damaged mucous membranes are portals of entry for many pathogens.

The mixing rate of APC products is 2 kg per ton of mixed feed.
The described effects have been proved in many scientific studies and field trials.
More than 15 years of experience in this area confirm our concept and our success.

The results show that the use of APC natural feed additive blends is a very innovative step which is indispensable for today’s livestock breeding and which ensures the future of agricultural production.